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At last! Workshops in our new studio

The new studio at 299 Riddell Road with boutique Loft accommodation above It is so long since I posted here. 2015, in fact. When I closed my little store in Roberta Avenue, I  had plans for a quick new setup in Riddell Road, but life got in the way. I cooked and chaperoned the girls for the second "The Bachelor" series (can you imagine chaperoning Naz?), and took part in a fantastic seminar at Mana Resort, Coromandel, learning Pure Bioenergy healing. I have completed Level 2 since and and am so happy being part of bringing this ancient, restorative art to mainstream. Coromandel viewed from Mana Sanctuary I revisited the extraordinary land of contrasts which is USA with my daughter. San Francisco is so vibrant, balancing sophistication with new age alternativism perfectly. The produce on display at the Ferry Building Market just wows, and we enjoyed a wonderful day in the Mission looking at outlets and convenience stores selling Mexican provisions and fresh c

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