Gelato for Totos

Spencer's Gelato bowl for private party

We have been doing some interesting things with our gelato recently, birthday and wedding cakes, desserts, ( I will post some pics later), so I took some trial gelati into the wonderful Toto's in Nelson Street a few weeks back. I took in a sieved raspberry, the most amazing deep, dark chocolate, rose, pina colada, violet with a chocolate stracchiatella, hokey pokey with homemade pokey, and fire and ice, which we developed from a customers recipe. It has a cream cheese base, sweetened with honey, and pepped up with mild chilli. It was nerve wracking to be taking Italian product into the 2012 Best Italian Restaurant in Auckland, but the colours looked great, our flavours are so natural, and the textures of an artisan product like ours are quite different in the mouth to commercial gelati - a good kitchen like Toto's can tell the difference. They thought they were great. So great, they want us to make their gelati and ices for them!

Gelato trials bound for Toto Restaurant

I was so impressed with the ambience at Toto Restaurant, gracious and olde world with a contemporary twist. The menu is fabulous, with taste and presentation a serious priority. Have a look at their menu
 They do takeaways too, and the Metre Long Pizza is such a good price for authentic ingredients, I am not surprised they are so busy. Even the salad was one of my faves - roquette with pear with a balsamic dressing.  

Montecristo Room at Toto's

Toto Restaurant

So now we are working on a cassis, a mango, and an Earl Grey for them. The cassis is a burst of blackcurrant, a vibrant red, and the mango is delicious too, full of ripe Australian fruit. I hope they like it!

I came across a site the other day to enliven the bleakest winter day...have a look. It is the Festival of Colours - reminds me of our gelato; pure, unadulterated joy

The Cassis gelato is a burst of blackcurrant


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