Out the back door!
It is Labour Weekend.

My son, George, who spent last night crewing on a yacht racing the Auckland to Russell Coastal Classic reports easy breezes. And he said the moon was big. Big.

Nik and I labour on our latest project - the store.We are on the downhill run now, weeks after tearing out the sodden, blue carpet by the roots, removing the tangled jungle of pipes and wires installed over decades for different uses, and letting the air just sweep through to create a new space. This morning I vacuumed archives of webs from the top windows, complete with past occupants and prey, while Nik put up the last conduits for the front of shop lighting.

The wind has gone round, and summer is on it's way.

We will have a hearty salad tonight in celebration. Julienned kohlrabi, with leafy greens (some torn and some shredded),  fresh herbs, grated beetroot, and a dressing of seasoned olive oil with a lime fallen from the hedge. 
Simple, with baked fish and the last of the potato harvest.

These smoothies are a great way to use up overripe fruit, especially bananas, and they make great after school treats, or desserts. We peel the the bananas, and keep them in a container in the freezer with other prepared fruit, so they are ready for the blender anytime with a little milk or soy. George made this one with frozen bananas, organic blueberries, and plenty of chocolate sauce.


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