I missed February!

I can't believe I missed February...I have been so busy getting the shop going, I barely noticed the summer pass me by. I did see the sun rise over my counter, gorgeous gelato coloured sunrises, and have enjoyed my evening walks home  past the park and along the water. The estuary is always changing, tide in, blue and reflective, or muddied with taupes and greys when the tide is out.
Sunrise over the gelato counter

But we have a business, and it is doing very nicely.I have spent the last three months putting systems in place and looking for great suppliers.
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The gelatos and deli cabinet kept us going through the heat and festivities of January, and lovely coffee from Hummingbird in Christchurch, and  teas from TLeaf keep the locals coming through the door to see what other treats we might have.

The TLeaf teas are just lovely. My favourite has been the Earl Grey with it's beautiful cornflowers, but I am now confirmed as a Tokyo Lime addict. It has been interesting to learn about the different types of tea, and to explore some of the Estate teas. We had a tasting with Sonya and Rahul in the shop one Friday night, and opted finally for the temi second flush ftgfop1, not such an exotic name, but a sublime tea. With equal quantities of rosebuds it was on another level altogether, although still very subtle - a lovely way to enjoy the health benefits of tea and rosebuds. The new infusers make it easy to sidestep the teabag thing - have a look at the TLeaf site www.tleaft.co.nz.

temi second flush tgfop1 with equal rosebuds, just lovely

Spencer's Clafoutis

My dear friend Nellie, who ran a cafe in France in her previous life, has taught me some tricks. Clafoutis was her much loved signature dish in the GBC, and my customers love it as much.


125g flour
150g sucre
3 eggs
300ml milk approx
700g jar sour cherries in syrup

Butter a baking dish and arrange cherries evenly

Sieve flour into mixing bowl, and add pinch salt and castor sugar

Separately, break 3 eggs into measuring jug and add milk to make up 500mls. 
Whisk gently

Add dry ingredients to wet and fork together until lumps dissolved.

Bake 180 degrees (I have dropped it to 160 in my commercial oven) until set, about 35 mins.

Dust with icing sugar when cooled a little.

The mornings at the markets are just inspirational for anyone with an interest in food, art or people. There are some photos just begging to be taken!

Market veges
We are starting to be asked for gelato cakes. I love making them. I love talking to the children about what they might like, and interpreting their dreams. They have dreams of being princesses, their cakes matching their t shirts, jungle dreams, the list is endless, and it is very grounding to think that this is what our lives are made from, childrens dreams, and how we made them come true for ourselves.
Layered gelato cake - chocolate, rose, vanilla and violet top with a rich Italian stracciatella  design
I think we will be alright if I work hard


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