Christmas Countdown

We are heading for Christmas already! 

On Sunday, my son turns 16, avec mussel entree, followed by roast lamb, pumpkin, kumara, garlic potatoes and salad, as we do every year. Strawberries for dessert probably, and then he will need to study for a Maths exam Monday morning. We will celebrate again after exams!

Monday is Halloween, and being of the opinion that any excuse for a party is fine, I am working on a pumpkin gelato, spiced with cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. I am trying to get squid ink to blacken up the licorice gelato, which will look gorgeous with the pastel allsorts I have found. If I can find some plastic spiders, the cabinet will be perfect.

5 November is Guy Fawkes, and BBQ night. We will be having a mix of Hungarian Deli Veal and Venison Hunters Sausage, Debrecini franks, and the beautiful Smoked Buffalo Cocktails. I tried my first order of Buffalo product from Clevedon on Friday - the mozzarella lasted in the deli cabinet for half an hour, the ricotta one day, and I am now down to the last of six yoghurts. The flavours were plain, Heilala Vanilla, and Lemon Zest. All lovely. I am so lucky to be allowed to offer such artisan product. A salad of buffalo mozzarella, small tomatoes, basil and Olivado olive oil will be great with the sausages, and perhaps another of cucumber with Buffalo yoghurt, dill tips and salt. Baked potatoes in the oven, and a relish, maybe the new Zino sisters Chilli with Tequila, or their Tomato Kasundi, or better still both.

And then Holly's birthday - who knows what that will look like, but it will be fun to have an eighteen year old daughter. Holly and a girlfriend from Canada are planning a summer holiday around the East Cape with a tent, a small BBQ, a camera and a surfboard. I am so jealous! But I guess my job will be to pack the hamper...

And then Christmas. We will have been in business our first year by then. My goodness, what a year.
I am preparing notes to pop in customers grocery bags to tell them what we plan to offer for Christmas - it is going to look a bit like this

Free Range Hams                                                                                                about $250 for a whole ham. 
A stunner, glazed in citrus and Angostura bitters
Free Range  Pavlova                                                                                           somewhere in the $30 space
Morello Cherry Clafoutis                                                                                       $35
Whole 1kg  rounds Fresh Cheese, Brie, Smoke, Cumin                                         $35
Gelato cake                                                                                                           $26 - $39
Smoked Buffalo cocktail sausages
Hunters Sausage, Debreceni, Chorizo                                                                   $20 to $30 kilo
Ryans  FR BBQ Sausages, bacon and pork, lemon grass                                       $18.00 kilo         
Par baked baguettes   (7mins to serve)                                                                  2 for $5.00
Breads other (bake 7mins on the day)                                                                    $5.40
180 degrees oat biscuits
Salad greens French or Asian Blend                                                                     $3.00 100gm
Ducks                                                                                                                     $25-$30
Sliced Oranges in Elderflower                                                                               $7.95
Elderflower cordial
Gruff Junction Goats Cheeses - just lovely goat cheeses
Christmas cakes , meringues, varied baking
Zino Sisters Preserves allsorts and very good                                                        $4.50 or $8.50
T Leaf teas, Estate first and second flush,
herbal, Rosebud, Lavender, jasmine white tea                                                     $11.00 to $18.00
Coffee from Hummingbird in Christchurch                                                             $10 TO $15
Hakanoa Ginger beer                                                                                             $4.00 per bottle
Chocolate dates boxed                                                                                             $10 to $50
Damson Collection Artisan Chocolates                                                                 $20
Varied Deli items, Pepperdews, Artichoke hearts

Exquisite Damson Collection Chocolates have to be tasted to be believed. Have a look at their website  A lovely gift at $20.00


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