Family Christmas

2012 Christmas Tree
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Holly, George and I interpreted it in our own way, and it was stunning. We should have spent more time really, but it is a great place to start.

Our  Angel
I have read for years about great chefs choosing a picnic for Christmas and I confess to feeling a little sad that the trappings of our celebrations were becoming lost, but now I get it! This year was my brothers turn to "do "Christmas, with his wonderfully creative wife Sally. They graciously  chose to bring everything up here so I could join in without worrying about the shop. So we had a picnic in Dingle Dell, and no trappings were lost at all, I might add. Dingle Dell is a  wonderful gift to Auckland city, a wandering park of leafy rooms which amble down an inner city  valley. Nik constructed a great prawn and avocado starter on the BBQ, and I took a platter of pre dinner treats, Buffalo Salami,  piquant pepperdews, baguettes, and a couple of the salubrious Gruff Fromage Blanc. Pete and Sally took a wonderful Turkey roll, boned and filled with mince, nuts and all sorts (must ask for the recipe), while my other brother and his wife took a homecured ham and salads of greens and roast veg. My parents took two Baba au Rhum avec plenty of Rhum, and fruits. We lay on the grass, drank a little wine,ate, chatted, drank a little more wine, played croquet and boules badly and drank a little more wine. Nobody had to clean because family were coming, on because they had left, the teenage progeny did not have to be good so could chill and reacquaint with each other, no dishes and we ccaught up with some friends from Nelson who happened  past - it was like having caterer with no stress or mess. I just loved it. Thanks so much to to Pete n Sally, Bob n Ali, Mum and Dad, and Nik it embraced all Christmas is to me.

Thinking further about cyberplaces of interest, have a look at Holly's blog
lying in the daisies on Tumblr. It is just lovely.

Hoping Christmas brought everyone the best of family and friends, with maybe a little good food and wine, and wishing everyone a blessed 2012


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