Hungarian Deli sausages
In the Saturday Herald yesterday, in the ARTISAN FOODS section, a wonderful article about the Hungarian Deli. We do so well with this product which I bought when we opened as Istevan was the only butcher who could make me a sausage the old way, all taste and no preservatives. I love the idea of a sausage using the last bits of a beast so no part is discarded as waste, then mixed with herbs and spices; a celebration of the animal which is sustaining us, and the artist who balances the tastes, made to last long periods of time through periods of such hardship as a European winter. The double smoked sausages are not reliant on preservatives to maintain their freshness, so are ideal for campers and sailors. I have said to customers that if they ever need to escape across the seas in a canoe, Istevan's sausages will ensure they do not arrive hungry at their destination. They are not designed to be eaten in huge quantities, although the it would be easy to overeat the Hunter's and Debreceni, but to savour, and to enrich soups, stews and vegetables.  

Hungarian Deli sausages hanging out with cheeses from Gruff Junction and Evansdale

I have put some flyers out in answer to what do we do...but I hope people will still come in and browse. I will never be a supermarket with everything arranged in rows, wrapped in plastic with fancy labels. I want customers to come in and buy my cocoa because it smells amazing and take it home feeling really good about preparing food for people they care about.

We will continue to change, as I am now beginning to understand that what we do is introduce people to great food, and my jobs is to find beautiful new product made by artisans, or imported by people who know and care about their business.

So here it is, this is some of what we  are doing just now



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We’re a corner store. And we want to change the way you shop - for the better - quicker, healthier and happier.  With prepared foods made with care from quality ingredients you see on our shelves, fresh seasonal produce, products to take the chore out of housekeeping, expert help, and our everyday value pricing on the everyday groceries you need . . . every day. Simple, direct, not too fancy - full of good things waiting to be discovered. In fact, we want to make shopping an experience you actually enjoy.

Have a look at what we are doing just now

Breakfast and Lunch
Hendersons Free Range bacon, and ham, Organic pullet eggs 6.00 dozen, Free Range Jumbo  eggs 9.00 dozen, baked and frozen danishes, croissants, breads  (pick up our gluten free order form),  muffins, mighty sandwiches, ready to go salads, beautiful Evansdale Farmhouse brie, Gruff Junction goats cheeses, Zino sisters preserves...  Teas to savour, Tokyo lime, rosebud, jasmine princess pearls, and then the coffee - ahhh

Mains Meals

To Start
Deli selection for bruschetta – olive selection, pesto, tapenade, hummus, preserved lemon, sundried tomatoes, Danish feta, smoked , venison biersticks, Buffalo salami, award winning cheeses

Spencer’s Free Range Chicken liver Pate  -  Free range chicken livers and chestnuts or artichokes, simmered in butter, wine, and brandy with sweet paprika, wild fennel, orange, porcini mushrooms, spring onion, salt and cracked pepper and pureed to a smooth paste. Suitable for hors d oeuvres with crostini and gherkins or radishes or celery sticks, sandwiches, or Beef Wellington

Pizza Bases
No more cheese on toast with Spencer’s cooked pizza base! Take our frozen uncooked pizza bases home with toppings chosen from the deli section – Tomato passata, pesto, salami, chorizo, ham, selection of olives, pepperdews, Roman style artichokes, mozzarella pearls, grated pizza cheese, mix it up with some fresh mushrooms, basil, tomato, courgette, rocquette and create your own pizza masterpieces at home. Throw it in a cast iron pan if you don’t have a pizza stone, 200 degrees, and don’t spoil beautiful bread with overcooking...

 Homemade meat patties      
Organic beef steak mince with spinach and grated carrot, with either Raewyn’s spice mix or a herbal. Serve on toasted ciabatta buns or foccacia with our very special salad greens, beetroot, grated carrot, tomato, cucumber, Katos roast garlic aioli or hollandaise, a terrific relish from Zinos, and you have a gourmet burger to experiment with every week.

The only way you can spoil these sausages is to overcook them, or cook at too high a heat
More to come so watch this space.....

Hunters veal and venison  - Serve on a mash of potato mixed with puree of spinach, silver beet or cavalo nero , with sauerkraut,  or salad of rocquette, fromage blanc, toasted almonds and pears dressed with lemon juice and a good oil.

Debreceni  - Traditionally used in a casserole of tomatoes and capsicums with rice, this sausage makes a perfect frankfurter, or serve as you would any other wonderful sausage.

Colbasz csabal (chorizo)  - Use as any chorizo in minestrone type or risotto recipe, but I really love a frittata made with boiled potatoes and parsley . Fork eggs with salt, pepper, and parsley, gently melt colbasz, and throw in potato cut to whatever dimensions you fancy. Pour in egg mix and cook on top of stove until firm. Place under grill until co oked through and serve in wedges with salad or roast veg.

Smoked Buffalo Cocktails – fabulous on a bbq, or with a relish as hors d’oeuvre

Free range chicken and herb  -  Gently roast or bbq

Free range pork  - Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Malaysian Beef or Green Curry
We keep this in the freezer so it is ready for anything. Either add veg and serve on rice, or serve as is with rice and a salad of finely sliced cabbage, beans, julienne carrot, sprouts...

Pasta Nostra
Fresh lemon linguine, truffle potato gnocchi, venison and porcini ravioli, artichoke and ricotta.  Use with our house tomato sauce or your own version of mushroom, puttanesca, or spinach sauces – we have the ingredients.

Free Range Chicken Stock
With your choice of Carneroli or Arborio for a real risotto, try adding porcini mushrooms and their soaking water, rocquette and fromage blanc, roast pumpkin and feta, or folding in Roman style artichokes before serving with parmesan.

Asian style is great too; bring the stock to the boil with ginger, garlic, julienne carrots, celery, beansprouts, bok choy or spinach and extra water for a one pot dinner. Add pork balls with/without seaweed, rice noodles/vermicelli/udon as you fancy. Serve with dipping sauces of soy, sesame oil, fish sauce and lime, coriander or chilli to smart it up.

Roast Free Range Chicken
Great as is for a quick meal with minted potatoes or Israeli couscous and our beautiful salad greens/ rocquette mix.

Shred into a salad of rice vermicelli or ribbons, soaked in hot water, bean sprouts, julienne capsicum, blanched broccoli, bok choy, beans and peas, boiled peanuts,  and dress with chilli, fish and soy sauces with lime and sesame oil. Limited only by your imagination.

Simmer the bones for a tasty stock, add orzo and some small pieces of vegetable for a tasty lo cal lunch.
Handmade gelato, sorbet, and try the clafoutis sometime – either seasonal fruit or sour cherry



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